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    Commuter Information Days

    Learn all there is to know about commuting in Bethesda!

    One of our most popular services, Commuter Information Days, or CIDs, are a great and FREE service which provides the most current information on all forms of commuting in Bethesda.  CIDs are held in business offices or building lobbies around downtown Bethesda.  BTS handles all the details and will host a fun and casual event with prizes for everyone!

    We provide information on:


    Interested in hosting a CID at your business or location?  Contact Allison Kemp at akemp@bethesda.org or 301-656-0868 x 121.

    Due to COVID-19, we are currently not planning in-person Commuter Information Events or CIDs, however, if you are interested in providing commuter information to your employees, contact Allison Kemp.