• Scavenger Hunt locations

    Think you know Bethesda like the back of your hand? Put your knowledge to the test by entering our Earth Month challenge for a chance to win $100 Bethesda Bucks. The Bethesda Scavenger Hunt tests your knowledge of downtown Bethesda's beauty and transportation features.

    Step 1: Look at the photo collage of six images we’ve posted on this page. They all have a transportation or Earth Day theme. (click on image to enlarge)

    Step 2: Identify the image — and its exact location in downtown Bethesda.

    Step 3: Email your what-and-where answers to Brandan Stuckey (BStuckey@bethesda.org) anytime this month. The deadline is midnight on April 30.

    Six winners will be selected to receive an e-gift card worth $100 Bethesda Bucks!