• The Earth Month Challenge for 2024 is employer focused. Earth Month is the perfect time to explore the Montgomery County Green Business Certification. And it’s for businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs all the way up to Bethesda’s mega-employers.

    Check out the details and work with Bethesda Green to get certified! As Bethesda Green notes on its website, we are all part of an urban ecosystem here.

    Past Earth Month Events

    The 2022 event highlighted Bethesda features with transportation or Earth Day themes with a scanger hunt.
    Six winners were selected and received an e-gift card worth $100 Bethesda Bucks!

    The 2023 event encouraged Bethesda employees and residents to download the Bethesda Circulator app and question Circulator specific questions.
    Two downtown Bethesda employees correctly answered all three questions and each received a $100 Bethesda Bucks gift card!

    More Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

    Learn about more ways that you can celebrate Earth Day - check out Bethesda Green's Flyer and visit Bethesda Green's website.