• It's a win-win situation when businesses provide a transportation benefits package! 

    • Employers receive tax incentives
    • Employees can receive transit benefits in the form of a salary increase, bonus, award, or other incentives.


    Did you know employees who receive employer-paid transit benefits or receive their benefits as a pre-tax payroll deduction are more likely to switch to transit?  BTS works directly with your Transportation Benefits Coordinators (TBCs) to help employers establish alternative commute benefits packages.  We can even host a Commuter Information Event at your location! 

    Whether you are a new company in Bethesda, a company relocating to Bethesda, or wanting to modify your current transportation benefits package, We’re here to help!  Allow us to come onsite and survey your staff on their commuting habits, ask some questions and give out some schwag! BTS does this and more, for FREE!

    If your business has 25 or more employees, we can help you with your Transportation Mitigation Plan (TMP), as required by Montgomery County.  

    FareShare Benefits Program

    FareShareLogoEmployees in downtown Bethesda and other areas are now able to participate in Montgomery County's FareShare Program.
    The program assists companies in getting their transit benefit off the ground. Click here to see a video
    about FareShare, or click here to read more.

    Benefits can also be offered as a combination of direct transit benefits offered by employers and pre-tax payroll deduction. 

    Smart Benefits Program

    SmartBenefits LogoSmartBenefits  is a web-based program that lets employers load the dollar value of an employee's  commuter benefit directly on his or her SmarTrip card for use on transit. Employees will receive their benefits when they tap their SmarTrip card at a rail fare gate or bus farebox. This process is called Autoload. The SmarTrip card costs $5 and can be registered with a unique serial number at the time of purchase to protect against loss.  Employers, to comply with IRS, if you provide transit AND parking benefits, you MUST separate those benefits into benefit category types.

    For more information or assistance, contact our Employer Outreach Specialist, Brandan Stuckey bstuckey@bethesda.org

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