While parking can be hard to come by in Bethesda, there are nine public parking garages and eight surface lots located in downtown Bethesda. County parking areas are easily visible by the blue signs marked with a white "P". 

Preferred Parking is available in the garages for carpools and vanpools. Garage 11 and the new Capital Crescent Garage (formerly Lot 31) features a state-of-the-art Pay-On-Foot system. Most other parking facilities have been upgraded to Smart Meters.

Garages Lots
11 Woodmont Avenue & Old Georgetown Road 10 Walsh Street
Capital Crescent Garage (formerly Lot 31) 24 Willow Lane & Leland Street
35 Woodmont Avenue & Rugby Avenue 25 Maple Avenue & Highland Avenue
36 Auburn Avenue & Del Ray Avenue 28 Cordell Avenue
40 St. Elmo Avenue 43 Woodmont Avenue
42 Cheltenham Drive 44 West Virginia Avenue
47 Waverly Street  
49 Woodmont Avenue & Metropolitan  
57 Bethesda Avenue & Elm Street  


For more information, visit the Montgomery County Department of Transportation Division of Parking Management, or click here to see Downtown Bethesda's parking facilities on an interactive map.

Parking Rates

NOTE: Parking rates in Downtown Bethesda have increased starting July 5, 2017 or will be increasing around that date. Click here for more information.

On-Street Short-term Parking as of July 5, 2017 (<4 hrs) $2.25 per hour
Parking Lots as of July 5, 2017 (Short and Long-Term) $1.50 per hour
Garage (Except those noted below) Short and Long-term Parking as of July 5, 2017
(>4 hrs)
$1.00 per hour
Garage 40 (Cordell/St. Elmo), Garage 49 (Metropolitan), and Garage 57 (Elm St)
Short and Long Term Parking as of July 5, 2017
$1.25 per hour






Pay-On-Foot Parking System

Garage 11 (Woodmont Avenue & Old Georgetown Road)
Instructions on how to use the Pay-On-Foot System Instructions

Parking Permits

Parking Convenience Sticker $150.00 per month
Daily Parking Permit $12.00 per day
"AM/PM" Parking Permit $20.00 per month

Carpool Parking Permits

2 Persons $107.00 per month
3 and 4 Persons $58.00 per month
5 or More Persons $15.00 per month

Click here for more information on carpool parking permits.

Hours Requiring Payment

Hours of payment may vary by facility or on-street location. Hours are posted on each meter. Please check the time of payment required on the meter.

On-street (metered spaces)
Paid operating hours 9:00 am until 10:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.
Free parking on Sundays and County Holidays
During rush hour, on-street parking is prohibited in parts of Bethesda's Woodmont Triangle.

Surface-lots (metered spaces)
Paid operating hours 7:00 am until 10:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Free parking on Saturdays, Sundays and County Holidays

Garages (metered spaces)
Paid operating hours 7:00 am until 10:00pm, Monday through Friday.
Free parking on Saturdays, Sundays and County Holidays
For more information, visit Montgomery County DOT at Parking Facility Information.

Handicapped Parking

Only vehicles displaying valid handicap tags or placards may park in a space reserved for handicap parking. Handicap parking spaces are located in all parking lots and garages within the parking districts. Vehicles displaying valid handicap tags or placards may also park at any metered space for double the time-limit of that meter (maximum 4 hours). Payment is not required for handicap vehicles parked at metered parking spaces. Contact the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to obtain valid handicapped parking tags and special parking placards.

The Bethesda Circulator serves all the public county garages and is handicapped accessible.


The state-of-the-art Pay-On-Foot system (POF) features centralized pay stations are in convenient locations within public parking garages.

1. When entering the garage, you will take a ticket which you will keep with you.
2. Before returning to your car, pay for your parking at one of the garages convenient centralized pay stations.
3. When you reach the exit, insert your ticket and go.

Pay By Cell
Did you know you can also pay with your cell phone at over 5,000 parking meters in downtown Bethesda? You can now pay for parking via mobile app. Click here for details.