• Did you know car-poolers and van-poolers can save as much as $85 a month in parking alone? Factor in gas at over $3.00/gallon and maintenance and that adds up to saving hundreds of dollars a month! A carpool with just two occupants is eligible for reduced monthly parking rates and the larger the carpool, the larger the discount.   In addition to all the savings, you can take advantage of the Guaranteed Ride Home when one of life's unexpected emergencies arise.  So don't delay, call us and we'll help you find a new way to commute.  Share this information with your employer and we'll help get everyone on board!

    Contact Allison Kemp at akemp@bethesda.org or call (301) 656-0868 ext. 121 for your match list today!


    If you’ve ever thought about joining a carpool, but didn’t know where to start, BTS will help match you with other “poolers” commuting to Bethesda and work with you to find an arrangement that fits your lifestyle.
    In addition to cutting your drive time and fuel budget in half, you will be able to secure prime parking at a discount in Montgomery County garages with the Carpool Parking Permit.
    If you don't want to meet your carpool at your home, arrange to meet in a Park and Ride Lot nearby. 


    Vanpooling is ideal for long distance commuting and did you know that your company can give up to $255 per month in tax-free transportation benefits to cover the costs associated with a vanpool?

    Types of Vanpools:

    • Owner-operated vans — One person leases or purchases a van and operates the van independently. Riders generally meet at a central location and pay the owner a set monthly fee.
    • Third-party vans — A vendor leases the vehicle for a monthly fee that includes the vehicle operating cost, insurance, and maintenance. The vendor can contract directly with one or more employees. The monthly lease fee is paid by the group of riders.
    • Employer-provided vans — An employer buys or leases vans for commuter use. The employer organizes the vanpool riders and insures and maintains the vehicles. The employer may charge a fee to ride in the van or subsidize the service.

    Vanpool Services