• Car/Van Pool Tips

    1. Decide who's driving and when -

    2. How many days will you ride together? Which ones? Will you alternate driving duties each day, each week or have one person do it all?
    4. Set ground rules -

    5. Agree up-front on issues like choice of radio stations, smoking, eating in the car and side trips.
    7. Decide on a time and place to meet - 

    8. Will you pick each other up at home or meet at another location such as a Park & Ride Lot? Give each other 5-10 minutes for unexpected delays.
    10. Figure out the costs -  

    11. Commuters that share the driving/riding do not have to exchange money since everyone drives an equal amount. In carpools where one commuter will do all the driving, the commuter(s) riding should pay an equal share of the driver's vehicle operating costs.
    13. Exchange important information -

    14. Just in case, share emergency contact information before starting your carpool.
    16. Register with Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)! - 

    17. Don't forget to sign-up with GRH to ensure you have a FREE way home in the event of an unexpected emergency!
    19. Give plenty of notice if you'll be away -

    20. Let your carpool partner(s) know about vacations and personal days well in advance, so they can make other arrangements. If you are taking a sick day or have a personal emergency, notify others right away.​Call your insurance company. By reducing your driving miles, you may be eligible for a reduction in your insurance premium.​

    22. Take care of your car and the people in it - 

    23. Keep your car well-serviced and clean.
    25. Most importantly, DRIVE SAFELY -

    26. Always make your carpool partner(s) feel they are in good hands.