Advisory Committee

Bethesda Transportation Solutions (BTS) is led by an 11-member Transportation Management District Advisory Board appointed by the Bethesda Urban Partnership's (BUP) Board of Directors. Drawn from the business and residential communities in and around Bethesda, it serves to advise and assist BUP in addressing local traffic concerns and help the community by:

  • Recommending government, private or joint actions necessary to facilitate attainment of the commuting goals specified in the Bethesda Sector Plan (1994).
  • Advising on parking policies.
  • Reviewing traffic patterns and control measures in the Bethesda TMD and vicinity as they relate to transportation demand management, including any relevant issues relating to neighborhood parking and pedestrian safety.
  • Submitting comments and recommendations on the biennial report.
  • Providing comments and recommendations on Traffic Mitigation Plans and Annual Reports of Activities submitted by employers pursuant to Chapter 42A-24 of the County Code.

Advisory Committee Roster 2016

Nominated by B-CC Chamber of Commerce:

  • Diane Yochelson (Chair), Keller Williams Capital Properties - 1st Term Ending July 2018
  • Arnold Kohn, LEED AP - 1st Term Ending March 2019

Nominated by the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board:

  • Eric Schroeder, Bethesda, MD - 1st Term Ending January 2017
  • Steven Groh, Bethesda, MD - 1st Term Ending March 2019
  • Deborah Michaels (Past Chair), Bethesda, MD

Appointed by BUP - Bethesda Employer with 50 or More Employees:

  • Allison Lazare, United Educators - 1st Term Ending July 2018
  • Deirdre Robinson, Donohoe Companies - 1st Term Ending July 2018

Appointed by BUP - Bethesda Employer with Fewer than 50 Employees

  • David Storper, PrepU - 1st Term Ending July 2018

Non-Voting Members

  • Katie Mencarini, MD Nat’l. Cap. & Planning Comm.
  • Ken Hartman, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center
  • Russell Mason, National Institutes of Health
  • Ryan Emery, National Naval Medical Center
  • Representative from the Montgomery Police Department
  • Sandra Brecher (attended by James Carlson), Commuter Services - MCDOT
  • Deborah Michaels (Past Chair), Representing BUP Board of Directors