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Bethesda Circulator

Your FREE way around town!

The Bethesda Circulator, formerly known as the Bethesda 8 Trolley, is convenient, dependable and FREE! You'll discover that all of your favorite places to visit are on or close to the Circulator's route. So leave your car at home, you can even find the Bethesda Circulator stop right in the Bethesda Metro station.

Taking the Circulator has become even easier with the new FREE app for iPhone and Android! And starting January 4, 2016, you can take it even further with our new route! Click here to see an updated map!

For more information on the Bethesda Circulator, please call 301-215-6661 or e-mail info@bethesda.org.

Stops (approximately every 10 min.)
  • Bethesda Metro Station
  • Old Georgetown Rd. near Commerce Ln. (Safeway)
  • Old Georgetown Rd. between Woodmont & Fairmont Aves.
  • Old Georgetown Rd. between Fairmont Ave. & St. Elmo Ave.
  • Old Georgetown Rd. between Cordell & Del Ray Aves.
  • Rugby Ave.
  • Rugby & Woodmont Aves.
  • Woodmont Ave. between Cordell Ave. & St. Elmo Ave.
  • Woodmont Ave. & Norfolk Ave. (Veteran's Park)
Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday: 7:00 am – 11 pm
Friday: 7:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday: 10:00 am – 12:00 am
Sunday: no service
  • Woodmont Ave. at Garage 11
  • Woodmont Ave. at Metropolitan Garage
  • Woodmont Ave. between Edgemoor Ln. & Montgomery Ln.
  • Woodmont Ave. & Elm St.
  • Woodmont Ave. & Bethesda Ave.
  • Arlington Rd. between Bethesda Ave. & Elm St. (Giant)
  • Arlington Rd. & Montgomery Ln.
  • Edgemoor Ln. near Woodmont Ave.
  • NEW! Battery Ln. near the B-CC Rescue Squad
  • NEW! Battery Ln. across from Whitehall Condominiums
  • NEW! Woodmont & Miller Aves.
  • NEW! Wisconsin Ave near the Post Office
  • NEW! Bradley Blvd. & Strathmore St.
  • NEW! Bradley Blvd. & Wellington Dr.
  • NEW! Arlington Rd. near CVS
The Bethesda Circulator is managed by the Bethesda Urban Partnership



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Bethesda Circulator