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Parking Rates
On-Street Short-term Parking (<4 hrs)  $2.00 per hour
Parking Lots (Short and Long-Term) $1.25 per hour
Garage Short and Long-term Parking (>4 hrs)     $0.80 per hour

Pay On-Foot Parking System

Garage 11 (Woodmont Ave. & Old Georgetown Rd.)
Instructions on how to use the Pay On-Foot System Instructions

Parking Permits
Parking Convenience Sticker              $150.00 per month
Daily Parking Permit                                $12.00 per day
"AM/PM" Parking Permit                          $20.00 per month

More information on parking permits

Carpool Parking Permits
2 Persons                           $107.00 per month
3 and 4 Persons                 $58.00 per month
5 or More Persons              $15.00 per month

More information on carpool parking permits

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