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Bethesda Bicycle Spirit Award
In conjunction with the regional Bike to Work Day, Bethesda Transportation Solutions sponsors the Bicycle Commuter Spirit Awards. The awards recognize downtown Bethesda employees who are dedicated to biking to work.

To nominate someone or yourself for a 2014 Bike Spirit Award, click here. You may also download this form and fax it to (301) 215-6664 or email it to JZucker@bethesda.org.

For more information, contact Jennifer Zucker at (301) 656-0686 ext. 118 or JZucker@bethesda.org.
2013 Winners
Robert Aceituno

Robert Aceituno, who works at Councilor, Buchanan, and Mitchell rides to Bethesda from Alexandria nearly every day, which is about 20 miles one way. When he does not ride his bike to work, he takes transit to work.  He has been doing this commute for four years, and he takes advantage of his employer’s bike parking and showers.
Wayne Ctvrtnik

Wayne Ctvrtnik lives in Takoma and has been commuting in all types of weather to Bethesda for over 30 years. His 7 miles commute takes 25 minutes, the same as it would by car. Mr. Ctvrtnik has ridden his whole life, but started riding seriously in 1980 because of a leg injury. He has seen many health benefits from riding, including keeping his leg strong and knee joint stable, even after nine surgeries and a knee replacement. To bike safely, he suggests wearing a helmet and looking for routes along safer residential streets. “They might make for a slightly longer commute, but it’s a safer, enjoyable ride.”
Past Honorees
2012 Winners
Steve Romanoff
Linda H. Starr
2011 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist - Christofer Price
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike - Bruce Kraselsky
2007 Winner
Most Committed Cyclist – Charlie Andrews
2010 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Brian Barnes
Longest Distance Commuted By Bike – Christoph Mueller
2006 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Jim Cousins
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Paul Ryan
2009 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Jim Fulmer
Longest Distance Commuted By Bike – Jean-Luc
2005 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Lewellys Barker
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Mark Wolff
2008 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Ray Heinsman
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Rick Arrowsmith
2004 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Bob Dern
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Stanley Cousins

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