Bicycle Commuter Spirit Award

In conjunction with the regional Bike to Work Day, Bethesda Transportation Solutions sponsors the Bicycle Commuter Spirit Awards. The awards recognize downtown Bethesda employees who are dedicated to biking to work.

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2016 Winners

Dave Dabney has been biking from Lake Needwood to his job at the Bethesda Urban Partnership for nearly 20 years. He has always encouraged other Bethesda Urban Partnership employees, including BTS’ own Derrick Harrigan and Tom Robertson, to bike as well by installing showers and a locker room in the office and providing bike parking and company bikes to employees. He was nominated by BTS Director Kristen Blackmon, who says “Dave is a great example of how someone who lives far away can bike to work.  He drives to a park and bikes the last 12 miles into Bethesda, avoiding most of the traffic congestion of his commute by biking trails into Bethesda.  He inspires his work colleagues (and anyone who will listen to him!) to bike to work, too.” Bike to Work Day, the Bethesda Urban Partnership, and Bethesda Transportation Solutions would like to thank Dave for his tireless bike advocacy and his support of Bike to Work Day in Bethesda from the very beginning. Dave always says that it is important for us at BUP to do what we try to convince others to do, whether it is biking to work, taking Metro and Ride On or carpooling.  He makes a point of biking to the Bike to Work Day event each year and encouraging everyone to register for the event.
Walter Gonzalez bikes 10 miles from his home in Hyattsville to his office in Downtown Bethesda every day. He has been doing his bicycle commute, which takes about one hour, for 6 months now. His office offers bicycle parking. He was nominated by his co-worker, Belinda Ellerbe, who says that Walter is a “great employee, a friendly team player, and a hard worker.” As a result of biking to work, Walter has reported that his stamina and confidence have improved and that he has lost weight. 
Past Honorees

2015 Winners
Claudia Blackburn
Morris Klein
2014 Winners
Holly Chase
Rod Hannon
2013 Winners
Robert Aceituno
Wayne Ctvrtnik
2012 Winners
Steve Romanoff
Linda H. Starr
2011 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist - Christofer Price
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike - Bruce Kraselsky
2010 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Brian Barnes
Longest Distance Commuted By Bike – Christoph Mueller
2009 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Jim Fulmer
Longest Distance Commuted By Bike – Jean-Luc Park
2008 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Ray Heinsman
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Rick Arrowsmith
2007 Winner
Most Committed Cyclist – Charlie Andrews
2006 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Jim Cousins
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Paul Ryan
2005 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Lewellys Barker
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Mark Wolff
2004 Winners
Most Committed Cyclist – Bob Dern
Longest Distance Commuted by Bike – Stanley Cousins